My name is Carol Ward and after nearly 23 years of suffering from ME or Fibromyalgia, (depending on
which doctor or consultant I spoke to), I finally and suddenly became free. Free to take up a full and
active life again. It was so liberating just to be able to participate in ordinary life events that others
took for granted. I became virtually housebound. I used a disability scooter, using it for 15 minutes
would be my limit and I would pay for it for a week afterwards.

One day someone told me they knew someone who had recovered using the Lightning ProcessŪ. I had
tried so many different ways, (and spent a lot of money) to improve my condition, what I heard seemed
unbelieveable. However, over the next couple of weeks I avidly studied the website.

Eventually I booked the training in London with Phil Parker the designer of the Lightning ProcessŪ (There being very few other LP Practitioners at the time).

The training is over three days and I travelled to London staying in a B&B. This was make or break time. During the first session it all began to make sense, I could see what had been happening to me all those years. By the end of the third day I knew the way out. After that final session, I travelled across London to visit my daughter, had lunch, walked by the river and went shopping. I had previously been only able to walk about 20 yards. My daughter was 8 years old when I became ill and couldn't remember a time when I was able to do these things. What freedom!

Firstly, I did what I always wanted to do, and learnt to swim. This had the added advantage of building up my muscles and general fitness. A couple of months after the Process I flew to Spain, flying out there alone, and had my first holiday in 25 years.

After playing 'catch up' with life for a while I decided that I should be doing something worthwhile. I had already had a diploma in Psychotherapy and Stress Management, having studied these when I was ill. I thought what better way could I spend my time than facilitating others to regain their health. I enrolled at the European College of Holistic Medicine and under the tuition of Phil Parker, the Principal, qualified as the therapist and Advanced Lightning ProcessŪ Practitioner.

I have also studied under Master EFT Practitioner Karl Dawson to Level 2 Practitioner level in Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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