This method of hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation. In essence this involves putting aside the trivia and stresses of the day leading to a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. It is then that we can access all the resources we need to find the answers to the changes we require.

To explain further, we have all accessed this state many times when daydreaming, getting lost in music or engaging in an absorbing film.
It was in the mid 70's that Dr. John Grinder a Professor of linguistics and Dr. Richard Bandler a Psychologist began the NLP journey. It is the study of excellence. To explain, think of the mind as a computer. Every now and again it needs defragmenting. It also may be running programmes that are damaging or not useful. Equally, there may be new programmes that would be more successful to run. Similarly, with NLP using language, and thought patterns we can create more useful processes that lead to achieving our goals.
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Life Coaching
Life coaching is a method of coming alongside the client to assist them to discover the questions they need to ask themselves to achieve their goals. This could be on a therapeutic level or may be problem solving, performing new tasks, or improving performance in their chosen profession or sport.
Emotional Freedom Techniques
EFT produces amazing results and the effects can be rapid. It is achieved by tapping on the body's energy system at various points, (mainly on the face) and speaking affirmations to connect to the issue you choose to work on. This sends small vibrations through the system which enables the clearing of disruptions. The technique offers relief from many emotional and physical conditions. It is acupuncture without the needles. A simple analogy would be to have a smear on the CD that disrupts the sound, after clearing the smear on the CD plays effectively.

The client works on themselves with the therapist guiding by instruction. Once learned, the client can use the technique themselves.

One great advantage of this technique is, with the right preparation, it can be administered just as well by telephone consultation. Sometimes only one session is needed, but for some issues two or three sessions may be necessary.

Telephone sessions can be arranged at your convenience, evenings or weekends included, without leaving your home or paying travel expenses etc.

The ease, efficiency and effectiveness of this technique very often renders EFT the technique of choice.
These techniques weave seamlessly together to bring a very effect broad based approach to reach desired goals. Which may include:

Stress & Anxiety
Exam & Interview Nerves
Weight Issues
Low Self Esteem
Lack of Motivation
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  Neuro   The mind and how we think
  Linguistic   How we use language and how it affects us
  Programming      How we sequent our actions to achieve our goals