Hi Carol
I hope youíre well? Just to keep you updated I completed the Playtex half marathon (13.1 miles) Moonwalk on Saturday through the streets of London in under 4 hours we had a thoroughly fantastic time and I am basking in my achievement which this time last year would not have been possible. Iíve attached a photo for a giggle of my attire for the evening!!!

Many thanks again I cannot recommend the Lightning Process highly enough for giving me my life back to enable me to do these sorts of things and Iím planning on the full moon either next or the following year if I can get in again.

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Hi all,
I had ME and it was getting progressively worse but that was before I did the Lightning Process. I and my family had many doubts about the Lightning Process, so if you have doubts about the Process, no matter what illness, please read this testimony. If you want to get better and will put your mind to it, you will be cured itís a life skill, it can change lives.

Before I did the Lightning Process I was very different to your average 11 year old boy. I could not walk, so sport was out of the question, I COULD NOT TALK, I could only whisper and struggled to communicate with anybody so I could not share my problems or fully tell anybody how I felt and that was very hard to take.

I am now 100% better. I am now doing rugby, golf and everything I did before I became ill. I did my sats THE WEEK AFTER THE LIGHTNING PROCESS and passed! I did sports day and came third in the egg and spoon race. FIRST TIME EVER I GOT INTO THE TOP 3. But I had to work at the LP. It is a tool to make yourself better, but you have to want it, and work for it. I still use it now if ever I get worried about anything. I will always do the Lightning Process and it works a treat.

Love T xx 11years
Hi Carol,
I hope you are well. Thank you so much for the great course - it really was amazing! I just thought I'd let you know what I've been up to in the past 2 and a half weeks.
We had a lovely day in Stratford after the course ended. We did the open top bus tour - on the top deck. As you probably know, it goes all around Stratford, and then out into the countryside to Mary Arden's Farm and Anne Hathaway's cottage. I then did some walking around Stratford after this, and we went in a cafe for some very chocolatey gluten free cake - with lots of sugar in it.
On Thursday of that week, I went to town on my own, minus my stick which I've not used since the day I went down to Stratford :) I went to the hairdressers and had my hair cut in a new style to celebrate the start of my new life. Then, I managed to walk from my hairdressers down the High St to the bank, no problem. Then I went in M&S to their cafe, and had a SANDWICH!! and a shortbread biscuit. I had been introducing new foods during the week, but that was my first sandwich. It's wonderful to no longer have to eat the restricted diet I've done for the past few years.
We went down to Fradley Junction. It's where the Coventry and the Trent and Mersey canals meet just north of Lichfield. I've been wanting to go there for years. We had a cup of tea and then walked for nearly a mile! I used the LP to help me when I needed to. It was lovely. When I got back I went round to see my next door neighbour for about an hour, chatting!
The following day we went up to Nottingham to see P's brother and his family. It's about an hours' drive each way. We had lunch with them (ate quiche and french bread - don't think it's ever tasted so good!!) and then in the afternoon we went to the park round the corner. I think in all I probably walked about a mile again - to their amazement! and I pushed our niece's bike for some of the way. We set off back a bit later that we intended to in the evening, so we decided to stop off at McDonald's for tea!! Very surreal. Not exactly gourmet - but very convenient at the time. To have the freedom to do that was wonderful.
Then on Monday of last week I began to use the exercise bike. I managed 10 minutes of pedalling twice last week, on the lowest setting, and am aiming for the same this week. On the days that I don't use the bike, I am getting out for short walks. We live at the top of a very steep hill, so it's a big thing for me that I can walk up the hill so easily now.
Thank you and God Bless -- L

Hi Carol,

Sorry we havenít been in touch, but weíve been rather busy!
Itís a year now since Alex came to you for the Lightning Process training and what a year itís been! A went down with a virus a week after the training but since then has been in school 100%. Sheís back to meeting her friends, going to the cinema, and singing in the worship band. A was able to complete a full week with the National Trust which she loved and is now a volunteer. She was also able to take part in a weekís archaeology course in Worcester.
None of this would have been possible before the Lightning Process.
Thank you very much Carol, A has her life back!

Hi Carol
Just thought I would send you a quick up date on how Iíve been since I attended your training classes in Stratford at the end of July.
I feel great loads of energy I have also started attending aerobic classes again which I hadnít for over a year and the buzz is wonderful, one step at a time and hopefully get back on the squash court.
I cannot recommend the Lightning Process highly enough Iím glad I came across it in a Sunday supplement it has given me my life back again.
Many thanks J
I'd had M.E for 10 years and was getting progressively worse before I found the Lightning ProcessTM. For the first couple of years I was still able to work some of the time but for the next 8 years I was unable to do any work. I went from being a very active person who was on the go all the time working, travelling and horse riding to, at the worst, being unable to stand up, care for myself or leave the house. One of the most upsetting things was having to first loan out my horse then sell her when I didn't seem to have any chance of getting better. Doing the Lightning ProcessTM has changed all that around. Prior to doing the process I spent my days in bed or on the couch and had to be pushed round in a wheelchair if I wanted to leave the house. However, by the second day of the course I went for a walk round Stratford for ĺ of an hour, walked to the place to do the course and back again, went for a meal out and then to the theatre for a 3 hour performance of Shakespeare! None of this would have been possible before learning how to do the process. After returning home I continued applying the process whenever necessary and surprising my family and friends with my transformation. I also enjoyed all the firsts Ė the first shower standing up, the first trip round a supermarket, the first walk on a beach etc. Best of all when I went down to visit my dad I even went horse riding for an hour Ė the first time in years! A.


I am well! I have been going to school for two weeks, at half term I had a great week. First I saw one of my friends on Saturday then on Monday I saw another friend for SIX hours, much, much, much more than I could when I was doing ME. On Wednesday I went to my friends house for a swimming trip, he also brought another friend so there was three of us. At the swimming pool there were massive slides that went outside and there were giants waves and the best bit was the rapid circle, strong rapids pushed you along a round stream which was so strong I couldnít get out! Next we went to a delicious restaurant where I had a beef pie and chocolate sauce ice cream sundae. Then there was even more! We went back to my friends house and played there for THREE HOURS! The next day was even better, I went for a sleepover! But thats not all! On Saturday I went to a big bowling party for EIGHT HOURS! Thatís all of half term and I have been at school for a whole week. Thanks so much for getting me better. E. Aged 11 years .

I had been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for over four years & at my worse I was doing five hours per week at work & spending nineteen hours a day in bed. I first heard about the lightning Process on Radio 4 & I resolved it was something that I would try in the future, ten months later I decided to look into it further. I found the website videos & testimonials of people who had achieved amazing results from the L.P. very inspiring. After sleeping on it I applied the next day. Just from reading the website & the book I was already having results, It was so inspiring to see what people had achieved in such a short space of time. I thought I'm sick of being stuck if they can do it, well then so can I. It has now been ten days since I completed the L.P, before I applied I was doing a maximum of ten minutes walking a day, on the first day of the L.P I walked up the Clent Hills, five days later I walked up the Malvern Hills & ten days after completing the L.P. I have just walked up the highest mountain in England "Scafell Pike"! I've got Snowdon & Ben Nevis in my sights next, watch this space. I am able to spend a lot more time at work as a result of doing the L.P (which will quickly cover the cost of the training course) & I am also challenging myself in other areas of my life. Situations that I would of previously found stressful & avoided, I now view as a positive stress which gives me the chance to use the L.P & overcome the things that used to hold me back. I can quite easily sit in a crowded pub on my own for an hour & come away with a great sense of achievement. I found training programme very straight forward & easy to understand, you have to put the work in after you have completed the training to get results. But when you start to see evidence in your life that it's working it easily motivates you to keep it up. N


I am doing well and we had a wonderful wedding day and honeymoon in New Zealand. We went on our Whale watching cruise and saw some Whales and a school of about 100 dolphins. S.


I have been feeling great since doing the course. I started a new job and I am thoroughly enjoying it and coping well. Wedding plans are also going well. The course has helped me to find my zest for life again which was I think, something I was missing. Thank you very much for your help and support Ė keep up the good work because you are helping a lot of people who have got a bit lost. M.

Just to let you know things are better. Iíve just come back from a weeks holiday in Tenerife. I managed a couple of good nights out too!! I canít believe that I managed to go away. So all is going well. G.

This is just to say thank you for all your help and support. Iíve been using the process and definitely making progress. It was lovely to meet you, and I must say you are an inspiration to those of us who are only newly emerging from the pit. Ė you seem so vibrant, and you radiate wellbeing! I have just spent the weekend doing the garden; had to stop a few times for a rest, but I think I would have had to do that even as a fully fit person. Dr. E.

So my advice is if you ever get ME etc. or anything else do the Lightning Process it works amazingly.

I had ME for over twenty years and in 2004 thought I was recovering. Somehow, I could only get so far and not proceed further. Then last summer (2007) I was struck down with some sort of virus, which affected my liver and nervous system. I was in casualty seven times and admitted into hospital twice. I was left with widespread neuropathy (nerve damage), pretty much all over my body. I was very scared, but I was given a major boostÖ. A life-line. A lady called Carol Ward came to my rescue and helped me get my life back on-track. Carolís a charming, approachable, good humoured trainer and she led me through the Lightning ProcessTM step by step. She taught me the background to the training programme and helped me to open my eyes to a great deal of things! I cried and laughed during the three day programme, and most of all I was left with a sense of hope, after years of despair. With Carolís help and support, my life is so much better and my body is repairing and mending. I am working towards a better future with renewed vigour and optimism and I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I recommend that anyone who has ME to contact Carol and arrange to do the Lightning ProcessTM, so that you can get you life back! Thank you Carol, you saved me! T
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Hi! My name is Emma, I am 14 years old, and I was ill with ME for 1 year and 9 months. I first got ill with glandular fever when I was 12 in October, and I was ill on and off until March, when I got very ill and stopped going to school. I got very ill and, at worst, could hardly stay conscious.
It wasnít just the physical side of things that was difficult, but also the mental. I found myself having uncontrollable panic attacks, and worrying nearly all of the day. I had awful insomnia and would go nights without sleep and I became very depressed.
When I first heard about the course I had a complete panic attack, for so many reasons, but mostly because I had been ill for so long I had almost become to like it because it was what Iíd become used to. Being well meant I would have to face my fears. At first, I didnít want to do it. I had to have a huge mental battle to make myself be open to the idea. I eventually decided to go along to the course for my family. I now realise it is the best thing I have ever done.
I was very scared before the course, but Carol was so lovely and understanding, it made me feel at ease. I improved half way through the day even just learning the course. I felt more energetic, calmer, happier. I felt more like I used to.
On the first day after I got home, I played on the Wii with my sister for the first time! We got rid of my wheelchair and my bed downstairs to rest on! I never rested again - well, apart from at night!
On the 2nd day of the course I had my first shower, went out for a meal and went on the computer. Before the course I couldnít even look at computers- it made me feel too ill, and I went on the computer for 10 minutes.
At the weekend I went clothes shopping for 3 hours, only sitting down a couple of times.
Now, 6 to 7 weeks after the course, I can go sledging, cycling, swimming and can run around as much as I want again. Iíve been to a New Yearís Eve party, shopping with friends, bowling and the cinema.
Doing the lightning process has been the best thing I have ever done. I would strongly encourage anyone to do this course, itís life-changing.